Contact: Panagiotis Papadimitroulas (Coordinator)
[email protected]

GSRI (National Funding Organization) 

  • Coordination
  • MC simulations / Synthetic data
  • Medical Image Processing / Evaluation of DNN models
  • Dissemination / Exploitation / Training

BIOEMTECH is a fast-growing Greek SME in the field of biomedical engineering, bridging the gap between ex vivo studies and in vivo molecular imaging by providing solutions in terms of instrumentation, preclinical imaging and software services. The company designs and develops benchtop molecular imaging systems and provides imaging services and consultancy with emphasis in nuclear medicine technology. BIOEMTECH provides additional expertise on software medical solutions in terms of a) executing Monte Carlo simulations at multiscale level, b) developing Machine Learning algorithms and c) creating realistic computational models based on clinical and preclinical data. BIOEMTECH laboratories, provide preclinical services that cover a wide range of studies, from an in vitro level, to radiochemistry, animal hosting and multi-modal in vivo imaging, both with BIOEMTECH’s dynamic imaging systems and with high resolution tomographic systems for SPECT, PET, CT and optical in vivo imaging. BIOEMTECH provides great expertise in terms of Monte Carlo simulations, in a variety of applications, namely Medical Imaging, Dosimetry, Realistic Computational Models, Radiobiology.

BIOEMTECH is a multidisciplinary team of 18 young scientists with strong background in biomedical engineering, medical physics, bioinformatics, radiochemistry, biology and nanomedicine. The company was founded in 2013 and till now participated in 9 H2020, 4 ERANETs and 2 NSRF (National) research projects. BIOEMTECH developed 2 commercial benchtop imaging products “γ-eye” & “β-eye”, organizes educational/training and dissemination activities and is an official member of the OpenGATE, EARA and ETPN networks. In 2019 a pre-seed investment was obtained by the METAVALLON Venture Capital scheme. BIOEMTECH highlighted for excellence innovation for the ERROR project by the EC’s Innovation Radar platform and gained the H2020 Seal of Excellence in 2020.

Contact: Neo Christopher Chung (Assistant Professor in ComputerScience) [email protected]

NCN (National Funding Organisation)

  • AI expert (DL / ML)
  • Expertise in High-dimensional Statistical Models
  • Development of DNN classifiers and Saliency Maps
  • Biomedical Engineering & Computational Biology background

The Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw exists, as a separate unit, since 1969. Numerous external evaluations and ratings of our daily actions – including the outstanding evaluation of the Polish Accreditation Committee, the status of a Leading National Science Centre for the period 2012-2017, the scientific category A+ (best possible) awarded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and numerous foreign and Polish awards, prizes and grants won by our employees and PhD students – do confirm that we know how to combine high quality education with scientific research that is recognized in the world. We treat outreach actions and popularization of science – aimed at increasing the public awareness of the role that mathematics and computer science play in our culture – as an important part of our mission.

The greatest asset of the Faculty is the community of people (professors, PhD students, students, administrative staff) who create it

Contact: Mathieu Hatt (PhD, Medical Informatics)
[email protected]   

ANR (National Funding Organization) 

  • Medical Image Processing & Analysis
  • Medical Data Collection
  • Expert in Radiomics / Multimodal Imaging
  • Image Synthesis – GAN and ML techniques

Born from the complementarity between the field of health and the communication sciences, the LaTIM (“laboratoire de traitement de l’information médicale” for laboratory of medical information processing) develops a multidisciplinary research driven by members from University of Western Brittany, IMT Atlantique, INSERM and Brest CHRU (university hospitals). Information is at the heart of the research project of the unit; being by nature multimodal, complex, heterogeneous, shared and distributed, it is integrated by researchers into methodological solutions for the sole purpose of improving the actual medical benefit. The field of expression of this research focuses on the therapeutic action in oncology (ACTION team) and in the field of interventional therapies (IMAGINE team). Benefiting from a unit within the CHRU, the UMR (joint research unit) has (in addition to access to its own platforms) a privileged access to hospital technical platforms, as well as to all clinical data and patients, in a strong dynamic of translational research. The latter is based on numerous and varied industrial partnerships (SMEs, small office or large groups) as well as on a large number of partnership projects. Integrated into the national landscape of research, LaTIM is present in 2 LabEx, 1 National Infrastructure (France Life Imaging), 1 IRT (mutualized industrial research institute). It has a LabCom and is the holder of an interregional Hospital-University Federation. The research developed in the unit also enjoys strong international recognition through more than 10 awards received in 5 years. Building on its previous experience, LaTIM intends to capitalize on the expertise of its researchers and its infrastructures to develop advanced research in the field of health technologies.

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